Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mark your calendar!!!

Its getting close. This is the second annual just kickers run and man last year was a blast. Especially sense anything close to a grass roots chopper gathering like this is many days travel from our area. This one is close and full of great people. Last year had close to 300 bikes with the majority chopper or pre '69 and this one is sure to get stronger!

Who says baggers aren't cool...

This is Kirk's latest creation. Super stretched high powered shovel with bubble bags. Kirk is also the mastermind behind the just kickers event.

Been boring and cold lately

We have about 7 weeks until the just kickers run in Oklahoma. Heath is trying to tear his tranny down and wanted to replace some stuff. I got 8-10 parts sandblasted for him to paint. Here is his dash, primary and taillight.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I'm not a hot rod nut but I decided to put a new cam in. My old cam was a stock FL, so I got a j grind.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Long time ago

I swapped my good friend my '69 shovel for his '51 pan. Neither scoot looks like they did when we swapped but we both still have them. He wanted the shovel for his 80 year old dad who forgot more than I'll ever know. That's his dad on my old shovel fuckin it up with a side hack he put on. Ride on brother! Hope I'm still doin this at 80.

Swapped covers,,, again

I took the '40 cover off and put a proper pig snout on. The '40 needs alittle hone buff thru the kicker shaft hole. I think the welding repair done to it slightly warped it. Just enough the spring has a hard time returning back up, easy fix.