Friday, August 12, 2011

A friend reaching out

Im not a good writer but i gotta story for ya. I found my panhead in Crockett tx. Me thinking i would never be able to have or afford one , i thought this one would be out of my reach as well.
When i asked the owner what he would take for it i knew we weren't going to get right. But he said he likes to barter also. As usual the items he wanted i didn't have or enough of. He did say that with some cash he would take a boat in trade also. But a boat i did not have.
Anyway later that day i was telling Duane the scoop on the bike and what he wanted for it, he damn near cut me off with "take my boat, if he will take it give him mine . If you can get that pan, my boat is yours." Now that might floor alot of people cause helping bro's out like that doesn't happen much anymore. Peolpe have become greedy and lost there roots. And yes Duane is a "bro". Thats not a term that i throw around lightly. Dont call me bro unless you understand what that means.
Anyway he gave me something so i could get that bike, my own panhead. Im telling this story hopefully to inspire others like us and to remind everyone that we  dont do this for money or mindsets, we do it cause we love it. Duane im forever grateful!

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  1. That's what it's about dude, great post! Glad you got the pan!