Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Forgive me but....

Where I live there is little to no old parts. The swap meets in a 2 hour radius have a very small selection and a shit load of new take offs. With that said, eBay is like a 24 hour swap meet. But DAMN!!!!!! people think that there shit is gold. I saw today a miss matched springer starting bid for $3800 and a set of bars by a different seller for $1000. What the fuck is wrong with everybody? There is no love, no brotherhood, no helping fellow bikers out, nothing but the all mighty dollar. People have asked me before , why haven't I put my bikes back to stock? Well I can't afford it. That's more than half the reason they are choppers. Not to get on my soap box but I have "given" away just about every part I had extra to help someone. Several people on the horse board, a bunch of friends and even some fuckers on eBay. Don't get me wrong, I have sold parts to, but I don't rape someone trying to put there bike together.
It just burns my ass that people make it so hard to do this shit on a blue collar budget. I rant periodically so I'm done for awhile.

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